Main Functionality of a Validator

Validators are components of the Savitri DevNet and TestNet, tasked with several key functions essential for maintaining the network’s integrity and efficiency. The Validator is use in the DevNet and Testnet, Validator has these charatteristic:

  • Transaction Processing: Validators are responsible for processing and validating all incoming transactions. This ensures that each transaction adheres to the network’s rules and protocols.
  • Block Creation: Upon validation, transactions are compiled into a new block. Validators play a pivotal role in this process, ensuring that blocks are created accurately and appended to the blockchain.
  • Communication: After creating a block, Validators return a confirmation to the transaction sender, completing the transaction cycle.

System Requirements

To ensure the optimal operation of Validators, specific hardware and software requirements must be met:

  • Virtual Machines: A minimum of four virtual machines (VMs) equipped with the necessary software is required to support the validators’ operations.
  • Software Versions: The system requires specific versions or newer of the following software:
    • MongoDB 6.0
    • Redis 6.2
  • Python Libraries: Additional requirements for Python libraries are detailed in the provided requirements.txt file.

Network Structure

The Validator’s functionality is supported by a sophisticated network architecture, including:

  • Logic Diagram: Illustrates the efficient communication and operational dynamics between network members.
  • Network Operation: Details the Validator’s role within the network’s overall functionality.