Network Layer

The Savitri blockchain operates through a network of interconnected nodes, including the Savitri-node and masternode. This software is versatile, functioning as a core block producer, a relay, or a local access point to the network. The node is comprised of various interconnected components, ensuring seamless operation and connectivity within the Savitri ecosystem.

  • The settlement layer: The settlement layer is primarily concerned with the ownership and transfer of assets over the blockchain. It’s where are defined the rules of Savitri
  • The data layer: in a blockchain refers to the foundational level that handles how data is structured and stored across the network. It’s one of several layers that make up the architecture of blockchain technology, each with its own distinct functions and responsibilities.
  • The consensus layer: in a blockchain is crucial for ensuring that all participants in the network agree on a single, truthful version of the ledger without the need for a central authority. It’s what makes Savitri technology so revolutionary for creating trust in a decentralized system.
  • The Execution Layer : in a blockchain refers to the component responsible for executing transactions and smart contracts according to the rules and logic defined within them. This layer processes the instructions contained in each transaction, ensuring they are carried out correctly on the blockchain. Here’s a simplified overview: