The Savitri Foundation is launching the Ambassador Program with the aim of uniting an active community of enthusiasts and professionals not only in programming but also in marketing and communications, interested in promoting the Savitri platform. Our program is aimed at expanding awareness and education, with the goal of accelerating the adoption and optimization of Savitri technologies. We strive to inspire our participants by focusing on the unique opportunities of Savitri, influencing the progress and efficiency of its use. Our main goal is to create a community of dedicated activists, ready to share their knowledge and experience to spread Savitri technology. Savitri Ambassadors are passionate enthusiasts and innovators, contributing to the development of the Savitri project.

Benefits for the our Ambassadors

  1. Influence on the development of technology and community
  2. Exclusive access to Savitri news and events
  3. Participation in promoting an innovative project for the benefit of society
  4. Access to direct communication with the core Savitri team
  5. Recognition and rewards for contributions to the project’s development
  6. Personal bonuses, gifts, and awards

Roles in the Ambassador Program

The program includes various roles, each playing an important part in promoting our mission:

Content Creators

Ambassadors create and share educational content like articles, videos, and graphics on various online platforms to engage and inform the community, ensuring content remains relevant and up-to-date.

Event Organizers

Event organizers on the Savitri platform host webinars, conferences, and community meetings to draw and educate attendees. They manage event logistics, presentations, training, and foster participant engagement and collaboration.




Moderators ensure order and quality in discussions in official online channels and Savitri communities. They monitor community activity, respond to questions and inquiries from participants, manage content, remove spam and inappropriate content, conduct educational events, and initiate discussions on relevant topics.

Evangelists - Network leaders

Evangelists produce and share content to explain Savitri’s basics and features, publishing across platforms and engaging with the audience. Network leaders host and organize Savitri-related events like webinars and hackathons to foster community engagement, attract speakers, and create networking opportunities.


Blockchain experts

In the Program, we bring together experts from blockchain to developers of various profiles. Each participant contributes by sharing knowledge and experience to enhance our platform. They are involved in designing, developing, and testing new solutions based on Savitri technologies, contributing to process optimization. Diversity of ideas is the key to innovative progress that benefits society.

Cultural Bridges

Cultural bridges adapt and translate content for various cultural and linguistic groups, ensuring understanding and communication between participants from different countries.

Ambassador Awards

The Ambassador Program values community contribution towards ecosystem growth, offering rewards in Savitri coin to symbolize partnership and support. This initiative encourages active participation and idea sharing for a fair reward system, emphasizing the importance of each member’s role in collective success. Ambassadors are recognized as key community members, with their achievements contributing to our shared mission of development and growth.

Become part of the Savitri Foundation community to step together to create a more just and prosperous society through the unlimited potential of Savitri’s blockchain technology!

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