Savitri has three networks: the public network ( Mainnet, also called Savitri Network ) the test network (TesNnet) and a dev network (DevNetwork).


In this stage the company has deployed the our DevNetwork, in this network the our developer are working for deploy all functions before to release the Testnet open for the our ambassadors.

In the future the our DevNet it will be used for deploy all new features and in the our plan is to opening the DevNet in the future the our contributors for testing and permit to them to deploy new features.

In the our DevNet at the moment we have deployed :

  • Three Validators
  • Five Masternodes
  • Twenty-five Nodes
  • Our DevNet at the moment can support until 2.500 TPS with a limit about the quantities of transactions for nodes processed and the time for confirmation around 0,86ms per single transaction.
  • Every operations are processed by using the SaviDev Coin


We planned to give the access for the our Testnet on the 3Q 2024 for the our ambassadors, in this TestNet all ambassador, partners and companies will use the features, they will test their services, and by their account the our ambassadors will be able not only used the features, but they will be able to vote or suggest new features.

Main Net (Savi Network)

This it wil be the our decentralized and public network, here all nodes and masternodes will run public and open and the official native coin for pay every operations will be the our SAVI coin. In this network all members interested to join in the network will block some amount of coin to a warranty of quallity work.