born idea 4Q 2021- 3Q 2022

Phase 1: Challenging Centralized Control

  • Exploration of existing cryptographic technology to counteract centralized control of information.
  • Adoption of technologies enabling decentralization of power.

Phase 2: A Mathematical Logic for Freedom

  • Development of a cryptographic system’s mathematical foundation to ensure secure, censorship-resistant communication.

Phase 3: Digital Receipts as Manifestos of Resistance

  • Implementation of a system for generating, verifying, and storing digital receipts to uphold transparency and immutability.

Phase 4: P2P and the Battle Against Centralization

  • Deployment of a Peer-to-Peer communication system for decentralized consensus.

decentralization 4Q 2022 - 3Q 2023

Phase 1: Innovation in Voting Logic for Fee Governance through Nodes

  • Introduction of a voting mechanism for fee governance, promoting a democratic network.

Phase 2: Creation of the Coin Governing Transactions

  • Launch of a digital currency for facilitating transactions and incentivizing network participation.

Phase 3: Launch of the First DevNet

  • Deployment of a Development Network to test network performance under various conditions.

Phase 4: Creation of the First Monolith Block Prototype

  • Development of a novel block prototype focusing on node listing to enhance network accessibility.

Foundation 4Q 2023 - 4Q 2024

1. Foundation of the Savitri Foundation

  • Establishment of the foundation to guide project development and uphold transparency.

2. Planning a Global Communication Campaign

  • Initiation of a communication campaign to build a supportive community.

3. Launching a Pre-sale

  • Conducting a pre-sale to secure early support and resources.

4. Release of the Official Wallet and Access to Technical Documentation

  • Making project infrastructure accessible to users and developers.

5. Initiation of the Launchpad Through a Recognized Exchange in Q3 2024

  • Introduction of the project to the cryptocurrency market for enhanced visibility.

6. Release of an Open and Free Testnet for Public Use

  • Opening the testnet to public feedback for network improvement.

7. Official Listing on at Least Two Exchanges and the Start of Trading by the End of 2024

  • Achieving liquidity and operational viability through exchange listings.

8. Smart contract and source code release

  • Before the release of main net we will release the smart contract template and the source code.

9. Shipping of Node and master node in presale

  • After the launchpad every person who has supported us in the pre-sale will receive their Node and Masternode in exclusive

launch 4Q 2024 - 3Q 2025

1. Release of the Main Net

  • Marking operational readiness with the main net’s launch.

2. Implementation of Crosschain Functionality among Major Blockchain Networks

  • Introducing crosschain capabilities for interoperability among blockchain networks.

3. Removal of Any Limitations for Participation in the Network

  • Ensuring open access to foster a diverse ecosystem.

4. Launch of a Comprehensive Ambassador Program

  • Developing a community through ambassadors to spread project awareness and foster engagement.

5. Organization of Monthly Webinars, Event Participation, and Global Competitions

  • Engaging the community and industry through educational and competitive events.

6. Release the IoT gateway decentralized 

  • After the listing we will release the IoT gateway open source for everyone
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