Savitri represents a layer-1, open-source, decentralized blockchain network operating on a peer-to-peer basis. It offers a foundational framework enabling developers to build applications and issue assets, governed by the Proof of Unity (PoU) consensus mechanism.

Thanks to PoU, Savitri is faster, cheaper, democratic and eco-friendly.

How did it start?

Savitri was born in 2021, rooted in an idea and a dream that had been nurtured through years of research: to create a truly decentralized network capable of solving today’s persistent issues. Currently, many blockchains that started with decentralization in mind are increasingly moving towards becoming federated systems, or in some cases, centralized. This shift is largely due to the prohibitive costs for ordinary individuals to become active members and the minuscule rewards they receive. These challenges are leading to greater centralization in the hands of large investors, whether through mechanisms like Proof of Stake (PoS), Proof of Work (PoW), or other models.

For this reason, we developed Savitri, a network and a consensus mechanism called Proof of Unity (PoU) designed to change the paradigm from a completely competitive system to a collaborative one. In our network, nodes are not meant to compete but to collaborate in order to reach consensus. Moreover, we have also shifted the paradigm regarding the creation of fees. We do not believe in centralization, fixed fees, or percentages, as the value can vary significantly over the long term. Hence, we have introduced a different logic: a fee management system based on the agreement among all network nodes, which will have the right to vote once a month to define the fees.

This model is aimed at addressing the centralization issues faced by current blockchain technologies, promoting a more inclusive and equitable framework. By emphasizing collaboration over competition and introducing a democratic fee system, Savitri is poised to redefine the landscape of blockchain networks. Our commitment to innovation and decentralization reflects our vision for a more accessible and balanced digital future. Join us in this journey towards creating a truly decentralized network that solves the challenges of today’s blockchain technologies.

Why Savitri is different?

Savitri stands apart because we aim for a genuinely decentralized and democratic system, driving us to introduce several innovations designed to facilitate network access, usage, and expansion.

  • We have developed Proof of Unity, a consensus mechanism that shifts the paradigm from a competitive system to a collaborative one among nodes.
  • We have established a fee governance system where the nodes themselves define the fee values once a month through a vote by all participating nodes.
  • Today, a new BTC node must download 450GB of data, and becoming a validator node on Ethereum requires locking up 32ETH. These are just examples of the barriers new nodes face when accessing the network. In Savitri, we have created a system that allows access to the network as nodes with a daily file up to 10MB and with a quantity of locked coins that increases in proportion to the amount of circulating coins.
  • In Savitri, we support the creation of smart contracts and new services. However, the creation of new tokens will not be done through a smart contract but as a native token, reducing the complexity and traffic of requests.

These are just a few examples of the innovations we will gradually introduce in the coming months through this WIKI, allowing everyone to learn about Savitri, see the revolution we are driving forward, and actively participate in it.