Reward Schedule

The Savitri network is proud to introduce a cutting-edge approach to reward distribution, meticulously designed to transcend the limitations of traditional block reward halving mechanisms. Our strategy ensures a smooth and predictable decrease in rewards over a 50-year timeline, fostering equitable distribution among all network participants. This premier solution is tailored to maintain network health and encourage continuous engagement.

Core Principles of the Reward Mechanism

Our reward distribution model is elegantly simple yet profoundly effective, utilizing a linearly decreasing reward system over five decades. This method guarantees a steady reduction in rewards, enabling participants to forecast their potential earnings with high accuracy, thus ensuring stability and predictability in the network’s economy.

Linear Reward Distribution Formula

The heart of our reward mechanism is encapsulated in the following formula:


This formula demonstrates our commitment to a transparent and fair approach, where:

  • InitialReward represents the reward for the initial block.
  • TotalBlocksIn50Years estimates the total blocks produced over the span of 50 years.
  • H indicates the height of the current block.

Innovative Selection of Reward Recipients

To democratize the reward process, we’ve devised a system that judiciously balances each node’s contribution to the network with an element of randomness. This dual-factor selection process ensures that every node, regardless of its tenure, has a fair opportunity to be rewarded, thus promoting network growth and vitality.

The Selection Formula

We employ a distinctive formula to calculate each node’s score for reward eligibility:


Nodes with the lowest scores are prioritized for rewards, ensuring a fair and inclusive system that values contribution and participation equally.

Implementation and Impact

  • The linear reward calculation ensures the minting of tokens is aligned with the target supply, avoiding excess and promoting long-term sustainability.
  • Our selection mechanism for reward recipients is crafted to encourage consistent participation while also drawing new nodes to the network, striking a perfect balance between rewarding loyalty and fostering growth.

Conclusion: Why This Is Our Best Solution

The Savitri network’s reward distribution mechanism stands as our flagship solution, embodying our commitment to fairness, transparency, and network health. By moving away from abrupt reward changes and embracing a gradual, predictable decrease, we ensure a more stable and attractive environment for both current and future participants. This approach not only enhances the network’s security and vibrancy but also solidifies our vision of a robust, inclusive blockchain ecosystem. Through this innovative model, we are setting a new standard in blockchain reward systems, demonstrating our leadership and commitment to excellence in the blockchain domain.