Fee transaction

Transaction fees in blockchain and cryptocurrencies are costs paid to validators for processing transactions. Usually these fees vary based on network congestion, transaction complexity, and confirmation speed. Every transaction in Savitri requires the payment of a fee in SAVI coin. This practice serves to cover the costs of executing transactions on the network and to protect the blockchain from potential spam attacks, making it economically impractical to overload the network with an excessive volume of transactions.

Distribution of Rewards

The fees collected, along with the new Savi coins issued for each block, are shared among the network’s registered nodes. This system not only rewards nodes for their network contributions but also encourages block creators to include as many transactions as possible to maximize the overall reward.

Each Masternode receives a reward from the network for every block it stores. This allocation is made randomly, but Masternodes with higher scores and longer network activity times are given a greater chance of receiving rewards. This method motivates nodes to improve both the quality and quantity of their work to increase their chances of earning rewards from the network.