Liquid Payment

In the modern era of web services, the necessity for automated payment systems for salaries or allowances is increasingly becoming a critical requirement. Traditional blockchain transactions have a significant limitation: each transaction must be manually initiated and confirmed via a digital signature. This manual approach is perceived by our foundation as a constraint that diminishes the blockchain’s application potential. To address this issue, we are pioneering a technology that facilitates automatic payments through the use of smart contracts.

Revolutionizing Payments with Smart Contracts

Our innovative approach leverages smart contracts to automate the payment process without locking funds within the wallet. This technology allows for the configuration of automatic payment orders contingent upon the availability of sufficient funds in the user’s wallet. Unlike traditional methods, this system provides flexibility and control to the user, who can halt payments at any moment. Upon the suspension of a payment, the smart contract will automatically notify the recipient about the payment block.

Ensuring Liquidity and Operational Continuity

One of the paramount features of our technology is its ability to seamlessly handle liquidity issues. Should the wallet lack the necessary funds for the automated payment, the smart contract is designed to automatically terminate the payment order. This feature ensures operational continuity and financial stability without requiring manual intervention, thereby streamlining the payment process.

Integration with External Applications

Furthermore, our solution is designed to complement, not overhaul, the existing operational models of external applications. By merely adapting to communicate with smart contracts, external applications can easily integrate with our automated payment system. This compatibility allows for a smooth transition and adoption of blockchain technology for automated transactions, eliminating the need for significant changes to their current operational procedures.


Our development of an automated payment system via smart contracts represents a significant advancement in the application of blockchain technology. This approach not only enhances the efficiency and flexibility of transactions but also opens up new avenues for the use of blockchain in various sectors. By addressing the limitations of manual transactions and providing a seamless integration pathway for external applications, we are paving the way for a more automated, secure, and efficient blockchain ecosystem, tailored for professionals and experts in blockchain and development.