IoT integration in Savitri blockchain

The Savitri Network project emphasizes the seamless integration of IoT (Internet of Things) devices into the network, allowing these devices to directly transmit data to the network without intermediaries. Addressing this challenge involves two potential solutions: treating each IoT device as a distinct network node capable of creating digitally signed transactions, or alternatively, establishing a direct connection with the blockchain.

Solution 1: IoT Devices as Network Nodes

The first solution involves registering each IoT device as a separate node within the network. By doing so, IoT devices are empowered to actively participate in network operations, generating and dispatching digitally signed transactions akin to any other node. This approach leverages the network’s existing security protocols to authenticate and log data sent from IoT devices, ensuring secure and verifiable communication.

Solution 2: Direct Blockchain Connection

Alternatively, the second solution proposes a direct connection between IoT devices and the blockchain. This method allows for direct interactions between IoT devices and the blockchain, bypassing the need for these devices to operate as traditional network nodes. This simplification aids in the integration process by eliminating the requirement for individual device registration as nodes, while still providing a secure and efficient pathway for data transmission to the blockchain.

Both strategies are designed to facilitate the integration of IoT devices into the Savitri Network, ensuring the secure, direct, and efficient transfer of data to the blockchain. Developers and blockchain experts involved in the Savitri Network can select the most appropriate solution based on the specific requirements and constraints of their IoT devices and the overarching network architecture.