Direct Blockchain Connection

The integration of IoT devices into the Savitri Network involves a series of steps designed to ensure secure and efficient data transmission from the devices to the blockchain. Below is the streamlined process:

  1. Setting the Data Destination: The operator specifies the destination for the data within the IoT system, determining where the data collected by the IoT device should be directed.
  2. Access Token Acquisition: The IoT device requests and obtains an access token from a smart contract deployed on the blockchain. This token is crucial for authorizing the device to interact with the network.
  3. Data Logging and Identity Verification: Upon receiving the access token, the smart contract logs the data and sends a copy of the identity and token back to the Savitri Network. This step is vital for verifying the device’s identity and ensuring that the data transmission is authorized.
  4. JWT Token Dispatch: After the device is successfully registered, the smart contract issues a JSON Web Token (JWT) to the server. This token is used for the secure dispatch of files between the network and the IoT device.
  5. Token Reception and File Transmission: The application associated with the IoT device receives the JWT token and uses it to transmit the JWT-protected file to the IoT device. This ensures that the file transmission is secure and authenticated.
  6. Data Transmission to Application: The IoT device then sends the collected data to the application. This step is crucial for aggregating and processing the data before it’s uploaded to the blockchain.
  7. Signature Confirmation and Data Upload: Finally, the application verifies the digital signature of the data to confirm its integrity and authenticity. Upon successful verification, the data is uploaded to the blockchain.

This process ensures that data from IoT devices is securely integrated into the Savitri Network, leveraging smart contracts for authentication and using JWT for secure data transmission. This method not only enhances the security of the data transfer but also streamlines the process for a seamless integration of IoT devices into the blockchain ecosystem.