Usage Savi

Savi Con has different uses and Features include:

  • The SAVI coin is the native currency of the blockchain and is the necessary tool for interacting with the network and its functionalities.
  • The coin is innovative and supports various innovative operations such as:
    • Using the coin to pay for transaction fees
    • Using the coin to pay for the release of smart contracts
    • Using the coin as a guarantee for the activity of nodes and masternodes
    • Using the coin for staking and farming
    • After the 5th year, 1% of each fee is burned with every use to keep the coin quantity under control
    • The coin is also used in the logic of decentralized governance, where voting takes into account the number of coins held in the wallet and the longevity within the network, giving greater importance to longevity within the network.

Savi coin is a utility coin, so with this coin, the network’s member will not receive any revenue, part of the foundation or right about the foundation, or any kind of activities as connected. Our coin is not supported in any way by the foundation but is supported only by the community and its activity.