Proof of Unity

Proof of Unity (PoU) represents an innovative concept in the blockchain world, aiming to optimize the transmission of data such as blocks and transactions through a peer-to-peer (P2P) system among nodes. This method stands out for its ability to facilitate timely communication between numerous nodes without the need for a central tracking entity. Instead, it uses a temporary ledger present in each node to track transactions automatically and randomly upon their reception.

Our goal with this method is to improve network reliability by encouraging the constant availability of nodes; we wanted to change the paradigm from a system in which nodes compete to a new system in which nodes cooperate, the scope is to create a distribute network where the responsibility of maintaining the blockchain’s history more broadly across various participants, and to fairly reward all contributing nodes. Furthermore, this strategy incentivizes the network’s registered nodes to self-organize into an efficient structure, reducing the path data needs to travel for widespread dissemination.

This approach promotes a robust, equitable, and high-performing network, ensuring that participation is both incentivized and essential for the ecosystem’s health and growth.