Embarking on a Journey of Innovation: Savitri Foundation’s Strategic Roadmap

Explore the strategic milestones of the Savitri Foundation as they chart a course towards a fairer and more decentralized digital world through innovative blockchain technology.

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As we advance through 2024, the Savitri Foundation proudly stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation. Our roadmap is designed not only to guide us through the unfolding landscape of digital technology but also to project a future characterized by enhanced decentralization and fairness. Here’s an in-depth look at the pivotal milestones set to define our journey:

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Phase 1: Birth of an Idea (2021-2022)

The inception phase of the Savitri Foundation focused on laying the foundational pillars for a decentralized future:

  • Challenging Centralized Control: Our journey began with an in-depth exploration into cryptographic technologies aimed at dismantling centralized power structures, thus challenging the monopoly over information. This crucial step was successfully accomplished.
  • Mathematical Logic for Freedom: We developed foundational cryptographic systems to ensure secure, censorship-resistant communications, marking another significant achievement.
  • Digital Receipts as Manifestos of Resistance: To ensure transparency, we implemented robust systems capable of issuing verifiable digital receipts, enhancing the trustworthiness of digital interactions.
  • P2P Systems: We established peer-to-peer systems to solidify decentralized consensus, reinforcing our commitment to combating centralization.

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Phase 2: Decentralization (2022-2023)

This phase marks the operationalization of our foundational ideas into tangible systems and tools:

  • Voting Logic Innovation: We introduced a novel voting mechanism for node-based fee governance to foster democratic participation within our network. This feature is currently in progress.
  • Savitri Coin Launch: The launch of our digital currency was aimed at streamlining transactions and incentivizing network participation. This milestone has been successfully achieved.
  • DevNet and Monolith Block: The inaugural launch of our DevNet and the creation of a pioneering block prototype are critical in boosting network accessibility and are currently underway.

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Phase 3: Foundation (2023-2024)

As we build upon our technological foundations, our focus shifts towards broader engagement and accessibility:

  • Establishing the Savitri Foundation: The foundation was created to foster and amplify our mission’s reach and impact, a milestone we have proudly accomplished.
  • Global Communication Campaign: We are continuously working to cultivate a supportive and engaged community through ongoing communication efforts.
  • Technical Accessibility: The scheduled release of our official wallet and comprehensive technical documentation is planned for July 2024, aimed at enhancing user engagement and accessibility.

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Phase 4: Launch (2024-2025)

Looking towards the future, these milestones are designed to bring our vision fully to life:

  • Main Net Launch: Scheduled for October 2024, this significant event will mark our operational readiness to support real-world applications and transactions.
  • Cross Chain Functionality: By January 2025, we aim to enhance interoperability among major blockchain networks, facilitating seamless interactions across different platforms.
  • Inclusive Participation: By March 2025, we are committed to removing barriers to entry, ensuring open access, and nurturing a diverse ecosystem.

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We invite you to join us as we pave this transformative path forward. Each step in our roadmap is a stride towards creating a more equitable, secure, and inclusive digital landscape. Be part of this groundbreaking change and help us innovate, inspire, and integrate.


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